Re: Downfall of Wale Mogaji – A rejoinder

By High Chief Olawale Mogaji

Our attention had been drawn to a disjointed write-up making the rounds on social media written by a well-known stooge of the Speaker whose inordinate ambition had beclouded his sense of reasoning and any regard for humanity.

It is nothing but cheap propaganda and a justification for their illegitimacy. It is on record that other commissions from other states in the country came to the LAHASCOM to share knowledge. The National Assembly commission adjudged us years back as one of the best commissions in Nigeria. The declining fortune of our commission started when Obasa held up our funds and started his Draconian policies. 

On the voice vote of the legislators which the write-up described as a ‘vote of no confidence’, the matter was not even on the order paper for that day’s proceedings. Anybody close to the Assembly will testify that after the removal of the four principal officers of the Assembly over one year ago, no legislator has the effrontery to object or query the Speaker on any policy, he will turn such a person into an enemy immediately. 

Mudashiru Obasa smuggled the agenda on the business of the House towards the tail end of the day’s proceedings. 

Contrary to the false claim of the faceless writer insinuating that the staff were jubilating over my ‘removal’, the situation in LAHASCOM was actually that of shock and grief, even some cried. Since this incident happened, I had been bombarded with calls and messages while some visited me at home physically.

It may take some time though but surely, darkness will never overcome light!

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