Questions to ask before buying off-plan property

By Dennis Isong

Purchasing a property off-plan is a good method to get a property for less than its true market worth, making it a fantastic investment option.

However, it can be challenging to choose the ideal off-plan property with so many possibilities on the market. How will you know if you are receiving the value for your money?

The following simple questions in this article will assist you in selecting the greatest units, obtaining the best entry pricing, and obtaining guaranteed profits from off-plan investment properties as an investor. Let’s start with knowing the meaning of off-plan property.

What is the definition of off-plan property?

Buildings that are yet to be completed are known as off-plan properties. Purchasing a complex before the actual building is completed is known as an off-plan property investment.

It’s deciding on a course of action before seeing the ultimate product. You make your option based on the property’s initial drawings, blueprints, and the artist’s idea of what the finished project would look like. They are purchased with the understanding that they would be finished in the future, usually within one to five years.

Because their worth is expected to improve after they are built, off-plan structures can be purchased for less than market value. Purchasing an off-the-plan house is a fantastic way to get a great deal on a home while waiting for development to be completed.

Regular house buyers may find that purchasing off-plan is the only option to ensure a home in a market where demand exceeds supply. Buy-to-let investors are particularly interested in such properties because they have a great potential for yielding a large return on their initial investment.

What are the advantages of off-plan property?

One of the most significant advantages of this form of property investment is the pre-construction or early construction sales price.

Buyers who choose to make an early commitment to acquire a unit or home in an “Off-Plan” project typically receive a discount on their new home or unit.

Individual purchasers and property investment buyers who purchase a unit in a conversion project or multi-unit project at the start of the development phase are frequently offered these discounted sales prices.

Because a builder or developer in a larger project sometimes needs certain commitments from buyers before the banks can extend any of the financing, the initial few units may be sold at a discounted pricing.

This permits them to get enough buyers to secure more construction funds from the bank. People that buy a new construction unit early in the process can see a significant increase in profits.

While profit is one of the most compelling reasons for people to become early property investors in these types of ventures, it is not the only advantage. Buyers who invest early in an “Off-Plan” project also have the advantage of selecting the most perfect and suitable areas for their home or unit from the planned development.

They frequently get the option to choose the greatest prime location inside the complex or neighbourhood for their property investment because the project is new and there are few units sold.

How can I ensure that the Off-Plan property is completed to a high standard?

Off-the-plan properties are frequently sold before construction is completed, and it can be difficult to determine whether the developer has a solid reputation unless you deal with an agent who knows the property industry inside and out.

Before you buy an off-the-plan property, get a comprehensive assessment and make sure the developer has an excellent track record.

What is the procedure for making a purchase?

Purchasing an off-the-plan home is a simple process. Buyers should get legal guidance from an independent legal solicitor who specializes in that area of real estate. If the project requires staged payments, be sure you understand how much is due when and when it is due.

In terms of payment specifics on your contract, your solicitor should be able to advise you properly. As an investor, you should ensure that the legal contracts between contractors and developers are customized to safeguard the interests of investors.

The legal advice provided by your chosen legal advisor will have a significant impact on the success of your transaction. The solicitor’s job is to safeguard your interests, so ask as many questions as you need to be sure you’re covered. Ensure that your legal representative examines all contracts.

This will increase the chances of the project being finished on time and within budget. You should also put in place legal safeguards in case the development is delayed.

How can I be sure the job will be completed on time?

Award-winning developers and companies that obtain annual plaudits for delivering on their promises are easy to spot. When purchasing an off-plan property, the developer’s experience and skill are important factors to consider.

Who will be in charge of my property management?

If you acquire an off-plan buy-to-let property in a new development, a management firm is usually tasked with overseeing day-to-day maintenance as well as rental returns.

A reputable property management company can assist you in reducing the time between rent payments and ensuring that the complex is well maintained throughout each tenancy.

What are the disadvantages of purchasing off-plan?

Due to different risks, off-plan purchases are not guaranteed to be lucrative. The biggest one is that the property may not be ready when you want to move in, or it may be ready but at a considerably higher cost than you paid for it. It also excludes any additional costs that may develop after the purchase, such as higher building material supply chain costs.

There is a chance that the economy or the area where construction is taking place might be permanently damaged. The developers, on the other hand, are well aware of these dangers and make every effort to stick to the schedule to avoid disappointing the clients

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