‘Nigeria should take its rightful place as a leading nation’ — Professor Imumolen


A presidential hopeful, Professor Christopher Imumolen on Thursday called on President Muhammadu Buhari alongside the National Assembly to come up with laws that would criminalise Nigerians who sends their children abroad at the detriment of the establishment of sound educational system in the country.

The academic giant stated this while addressing journalists in Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria on the ‘State of the nation’.

Professor Christopher Imumolen, whose press briefing touched on education, insecurity and crime, economy, and fuel scarcity expressed disaffection over the systematic failure of the ruling class to introduce drastic and permanent solutions to addressing ASUU strike and other menace bedeviling the country.

According to Professor Christopher Imumolen, “Government officials, political class and other decision makers in the country are showing less concern towards education in the country because their children and wards are not schooling in Nigeria.”

The presidential aspirant equally stated that if those countries which Nigerians are taking their children to had treated their educational system the way it is being done in Nigeria, the elites would not have had places to run to for the educational needs of their children/wards.

He insisted: “Unless this step is taken to ban them, our educational system will continue to suffer and there will continue to be more strikes by ASUU.”

While also blaming the National Assembly over its nonchalant attitude towards addressing the demands of ASUU, Professor Christopher Imumolen stated that, “Education is for national good. It is key to national and future development of the country.

“If the elites and other people are allowed to keep sending their children abroad, then our educational system will continue to suffer. Remember, we are the ones that can repair our systems, don’t expect foreigners to build your system for you.

“Having set up about five private universities in Nigeria and other countries, having given scholarships to many students in the past and the number keep counting, I understand education and the importance to building of minds and establishing a well-disciplined country.


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