My journey (5)

By Paul Dada

TITLE: Deeper Life brother on fire

After I had surrendered my life to Christ in 1989, I like other youths, simply caught the fire of evangelism. I would stand before my classmates in school and preach. I would go from class to class to preach the gospel.

Pastor Kumuyi

As a teenager, I didn’t shy away from going to people’s houses to preach. I used to go to Afijalo mini Market at Oshodi to preach.

I would preach on public transport. And elders who were amazed to see a preacher teenager would pay my bus fare at times. I was bold and blunt. I once incurred the wrath of a Guru Maharaji devotee who was a fellow bus passenger when I denounced his master in my message.

My love for evangelism once infected a classmate of mine, Biodun Bankole that she came to my house one day, so she could join me on an evangelistic outreach.

Although I attended DLBC. But in school, I had Christian friends from different denominations. I remember the likes of Joshua Ojoniyi who I think later became a pastor, Martins Enyos who later migrated to Sierra Leone, Udeme Dickson, Bamidele, Afeez, and others.

I was nicknamed “pastor” by people. I may have at some point been the most well known born again folk at Oshodi Comprehensive High School.

As I continued to grow older, I even got involved in praying for the sick who testified or claimed they got healed.

I was an avid reader. I read novels and non-fiction works but had read only a few Christian books. But all that changed when I came under the mentorship of Bro. Femi Adisa (now a pastor of his denomination) who was then one of the most vibrant leaders of youths I had ever met in my life.

Through Bro. Femi’s influence, I started reading all kinds of Christian books and authors. I read about Charles Finney, William Wigglesworth, John Knox, Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, Gordon Lindsay, E. M. Bounds, Oswald J. Smith, Leonard Ravenhill, Yonggi Cho, John Wesley and many more.

I was involved in the Deeper Life Schools Outreach, Deeper Life Campus Fellowship as an undergraduate, Deeper Life Corpers’ Fellowship as a graduate and serving corps member, Deeper Life Youth Choir, and Deeper Life Adult Choir.

I was a notable DLBC leader wherever I was or relocated to and was well favoured by the leadership and the membership.

I just kept rising. I became fondly known as Daddy Paul being what many younger Deeper Lifers chose to call me.

(To be continued)

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