How Dubai returnee battered husband to pulp

There was a drama on Monday between a couple in Lagos State, Nigeria, when a businesswoman, Jumoke Bamgbola, 38, allegedly unleashed terror on her husband, Niyi Adeyemo, 39, who is suffering from arthritis to pulp and was subsequently admitted to the hospital.

THE NEWS ACCELERATOR NETWORK learnt that the duo who went to the altar in 2018 have been managing their marriage until it went gaga in 2019 and has been separated since then.

According to findings, the demand for divorce by the estranged wife became more intense when she came back from Dubai sometimes in January 2022.

Roven Correspondent Henry Ugochukwu was at the hospital to see the victim where he was receiving treatment (drip and pain relief injections to calm the severe pain he is feeling on both legs as a result of punches inflicted on them by his wife).

Narrating what he allegedly suffered in the hands of his estranged wife, Adeyemo revealed that the whole drama started after his mum visited their home as his wife doesn’t like visitors from her in-laws.

According to him, “Bamgbola stormed my house on May 30, 2022, around 11 am and asked me why I have not been picking up her lawyer’s phone calls, I don’t want to talk to you, I replied, and she said that I must talk to her because she has come prepared for me.

“I tried walking away, but she dragged me back and tore my cream-coloured native attire specially sown for my late mum’s burial in the process and became very violent.

“She dragged me instead and started throwing uncountable punches at me all over my body especially on my legs because she is aware of my health condition, she tossed me around the house and kept saying that she will make sure I am admitted to the hospital.

“She also dragged my penis and bit my hands as I tried preventing her from hitting me on my manhood. I deliberately stopped myself from hitting her as I was advised. So, I telephoned her dad and put on the phone speaker, her dad called out her name, but she refused to respond or listen to him.

“Her dad asked me to leave the house, but I couldn’t as she locked my neck with the torn clothes that I was wearing and said that I must give her a divorce. I was in severe pain and later found myself in the hospital.

“Earlier, I once spoke with the lawyer, and he requested a meeting with him to resolve the issue between us, but I asked him to give me little time because I am still mourning my loss. Bamgbola telephoned me back almost immediately and said that the death of my mum is not ordinary and threatened to tell the whole world how my mum died if I don’t cooperate with her lawyer.

“I got furious and telephoned my wife’s sister and told her that I am indeed interested in the cause of the death of my mum which my wife claims to know about. My wife’s demand for divorce becomes more intense when she arrived from Dubai early this year.

“While in Dubai, we resolved the differences between us through telephone video calls and made plans to relocate from where I stayed, but she suddenly changed and began comparing me with a man she met over there.

“She came back in January 2022 and requested to lodge at a hotel in the Lekki area of Lagos to self-isolate because of COVID-19 to avoid virus infection on our son. She came back to Nigeria with a boyfriend with whom she has arranged to spend the night in the hotel.

“I telephoned her several times, but she refused to receive my call and when I use another person’s phone to call, she cuts off the call after she hears my voice.

“She once telephoned me and said that only a child binds us together, and I will be powerless after she takes away our child and threatened to kill me with her own bare hands if I don’t give her a divorce because her boyfriend says that he can’t marry someone married with a child.”

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