‘Highest funds recovery made from Lagos, Abuja, others’ – EFCC

The April edition of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission Alert has shown that the highest funds recovery in 2021 emanated from its Lagos Zonal Command, followed by Abuja, where its headquarters is located; Kaduna Zonal Command and Port Harcourt Zonal Command.

According to the EFCC Alert, which is the monthly e-magazine published by the media unit of the commission, in 2021 alone, the EFCC recovered from Lagos N70.31bn, $9.28m, £21,500, 4.06 Bitcoin and 0.09 Ethereum, which is a popular digital token.

In Abuja, the anti-graft agency revealed that it recovered N67.24bn, $375.66m, £1.15m, €155,251.76.

Equally, in Kaduna Command, the Commission said it recovered N3.33bn and $13,685; in the Port Harcourt Command, it insisted it recovered N2.14bn and $125,077; in Sokoto Zonal Command, it recovered N1.92bn, $56,950 and £4,075; in Kano Zonal Command, it recovered N1.78bn, $194,098 and SAR1.72m.

From its Benin Zonal Command, the EFCC recovered N972.05m, $49,240 and £735; in Enugu Zonal Command, it recovered N768.2m, $22,735 and AED50; in Ibadan Zonal Command, it recovered N325.52m, $383,385, £2,670, €995, 1,400 Canadian Dollar, 1.3BTC and ZAR1, 900.

Furthermore, in Gombe Zonal Command, it said it recovered N388.59m and $1,500; in Uyo Zonal Command, it recovered N234m and $357,000; in Maiduguri Zonal Command, it made N970.42m; in Makurdi Zonal Command, it recovered N121.35m; and in Ilorin Zonal Command, it recovered N240.96m and $7,161.

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