Conviction is stronger than friendship

By Paul Dada

It is said that if one doesn’t stand for something, they’d fall for everything.

I am a man who makes friends easily both online and offline. I am also a man who can sustain a relationship for a long time. But I am one who is not moved if friendship is lost because of my conviction.

I have lost many of what I thought to be precious friendships because I would not soften or review my conviction on a good number of faith-related issues.

It has taken me a long time to be where I am. I used to be that youth who gave his life to Christ in 1989 and sincerely followed (almost) everything he was taught in the denomination.

But I became the man who couldn’t pretend to believe what he no longer believed. Upon discovering the truth, I couldn’t keep quiet about it.

I had a once dear friend. He tried to persuade me not to write about some of my convictions on Facebook so, Deeper Life youths would not be confused or something like that. But I told him that I wouldn’t be censored and that the youths could decide for themselves if the things I wrote were worth accepting.

Of course, my insistence affected our friendship. But I didn’t bother.

I rarely go to people’s walls to disagree with their posts. But I stay on my timeline and write the truths that I know. If anyone’s ox is gored, that is not my problem. If I treat anyone wrong or hurt anyone personally, I would apologise. But if it is my posts on scriptural and faith matters that get them offended, I do not owe them an apology.

Unfollow, unfriend, or block me, it wouldn’t move me an inch. My utmost loyalty is to the truth. My goal is to be sure God is pleased with me.

So, if God is not offended by my posts, why should I bother about a mere man’s displeasure?

I move.

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