Communique of the political summit convened by the Peoples Alternative Political Movement (TPAP-M); Saturday, 21st May 2022




The Peoples Alternative Political Movement (TPAP-M) is a Coalition of Individuals and Organisations committed to the Emergence of a Mass Workers Party and the Socialist Transformation of Nigeria.

The Movement was established by delegates of left organisations, socialist political formations, and workers’ organisations – including Trade Unions and Trade Union Federations, at the end of the Inaugural (Working) Peoples alternative Political Summit in March 2021.

The Saturday, May 21st 2022 (Working) Peoples Political Summit was convened by the movement around the Theme “Towards 2023 And Beyond: Setting Agenda For Workers Political Participation And Workers Power”.

The Political Summit which held in Lagos was attended by delegates of the Affiliates and State Chapters of TPAP-M; Strategic Partners (who are also founding members of the movement), including representatives of Trade Union Congress (TUC) and AUPCTRE (both represented by their Lagos state chapters; and strategic Allies including representatives of the ‘Real’ Peoples Redemption Party (Real PRP) led by her National Chairman, Comrade Abdulmajid, as well as the Coalition of Conference of Northern Civil Society Organisations Network; among others.
Other participants include veteran activists, Women and Youth Activists, including representatives of the youth group – Activista, and of the Women’s rights coalition – Womanifesto; as well as representatives of informal sector workers.

The Political Summit also received Solidarity Messages from the Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) and the US Out Of Africa Network (a campaign alliance of Black Working Peoples Formations in North America and Africa; as well as from MUTABA (a radical working peoples movement) from the Republic of South Africa, among others.

The 2022 Political Summit was convened against the backdrop of the forthcoming general elections and the onset of political election campaigns; and on the back of the Workers Political Conferences convened by the two Trade Unions Federations – the NLC and TUC in March 2022; conferences in which the Movement had been key participants.

The Political Summit had as its purpose the consideration of recent political developments within the broader left movement, as well as the unfolding situation concerning preparations for the 2023 General Elections in Nigeria.

The Political Summit was thus set as a rallying of the forces of the left, socialist formations and the conscious segments of the organised workers and working masses, towards the task of enabling vigorous workers’ political engagement and participation in the political processes, such as the case for workers power, for workers alternative and for socialist transformation can be vigorously made, canvassed and put on the front burner in the course of the election campaigns and during the general elections.

The Political Summit deliberated upon and took cognisance of the current situation in the country, characterised by an existential crises – encompassing and overwhelming economic, social, ecological, and political aspects of societal and national life; coming to the conclusion that the Ruling Class has failed, and that only the working class and the toiling masses, led by their organised, conscious and autonomous political formation, can take on the task of achieving national liberation from the death grip of imperialism, and social emancipation from capitalist exploitation and oppression.


1. The Political Summit reiterated the commitment of the movement, her strategic partners and allies to the Emergence of a Mass Workers Party and the Socialist Transformation of Nigeria;

2. In this regard, the political summit welcomed the convergence of resolve by the trades union federations – the NLC and the TUC; and the movement to Recover the Labour Party for Workers and the Working masses;

3. The Political Summit notes that explicit and implicit in the task of Recovery of the Labour Party, is to proceed from the understanding that the party in its current form has been lost; and that therefore it has become an urgent political imperative for workers to recover and reclaim ownership of the party, such that it becomes, not just a worker’s party in name, but a worker’s party indeed. Underlying this realisation must be a determination to wage a vigorous ideological and political battle to enable the success of any workers’ recovery effort;

4. Notwithstanding the above, the political summit further affirmed the decision of the movement to press on with the process of the registration of The Peoples Alternative Party (TPAP), as a Mass, Revolutionary, Socialist Workers Party, to consistently propagate the workers’ alternative, canvass the case for socialism and socialist transformation, and lead the struggle of the working people and toiling masses to win political power, institute workers power, and establish a workers government and a workers state;

5. Towards this end, the Political Summit resolved to strengthen the bonds of solidarity and joint struggle with our strategic partners and allies; and to strive to establish, build and consolidate on the structures, organs and membership of the movement; and broadening the base of the movement through admitting new members, striking new strategic partnerships and alliances, and rooting itself among the people;

6. The political summit adopted the TPAP political manifesto as the political program and basis for the movement’s engagements with the unfolding processes in the polity. This manifesto shall be the basic program of the movement in undertaking, prosecuting and navigating the tasks that it has set for itself in the coming period; bearing in mind that this Manifesto of the Movement is a working and living document – a guide to action subject to review by the movement;

7. The Political Summit endorsed and formally launched the Movement’s Campaign For Socialist Transformation; which emphasises and integrates the #ResistHardship (economic resistance) Campaign; The Campaign Against Insecurity; and The Campaign for Workers Political Participation and Workers Power; Save Public funded Healthcare and Education. We shall continue to intervene in the daily struggles of the working peoples and toiling masses; we shall organise protests against economic hardships, and against insecurity; we shall organise and mobilise workers and working peoples for political participation, exposing the failure of ruling class rule, questioning the ability of the ruling class to govern in the interest of the working peoples, and actively promoting workers power as the basis of transition to socialism. The Campaign for Socialist Transformation of Nigeria shall be coordinated and organised around the Country to coincide with the Elections, particularly the period slated for campaigns in the Country, the goal is to ensure that the Socialist banner is raised during the elections as the alternative that is not on the ballot. The Secretariat was charged to come out with the modalities and timetable for the Campaign;

8. The Political Summit welcomed the solidarity of radical left, socialist and working peoples organisations and formations across the world; reiterates our understanding of the international character of capitalism and the global nature of the crisis of imperialism. In this regards, the movement commits itself as is clearly expressed in our Manifesto, to actively seeking and working towards the building of international solidarity and fighting unity of the oppressed and exploited across the continent of Africa, and across the world.

9. Accordingly, TPAP-M will work towards the establishment of Pan African Alliance/Network/Coalition of organisations of the workers and the oppressed who share our vision for workers power and socialist transformation, and who are deeply embedded in the struggles of their respective working peoples and toiling masses across the continent of Africa;

10. Furthermore, TPAP-M will work towards establishing and build strong working relationships of struggle and solidarity, based on shared vision and programs, with organisations and formations of the working peoples and the oppressed across the world – including the Americas, Europe, Asia, Middle East etc;

11. The movement also resolved to organise The Working Peoples Political Summit as an annual program of political reflection, organising, mobilisation, agenda-setting, and consolidation;


The previously constituted Guidance Council and the National Political Mobilisation Committees were formally unveiled, and their mandates endorsed and renewed.

The political summit reiterates the Political Action Program and the Economic Action Plan, adopted at the founding Summit of the movement in March 2021 as primary, basic and fundamental founding and guiding programs of the movement.

I’m this regard, the TPAP Manifesto, directly derived from these programs, is a supplementary program of the movement for political engagement processes.

Finally, though the movement welcomes the resolve to recover the Labour Party for workers and working peoples, given the current character of the Labour Party, and the complete lack of any ability to influence in any way decisive internal processes of the present Labour Party, including its forthcoming primaries, and the determination of it electoral program, the movement (TPAP-M) is not a member of the Labour Party.

The movement cannot commit itself to defend and or promote candidates of the Labour Party, and or it’s electoral program, the selection and determination of which it had no way of participating in, and over whom it has no influence. The movement cannot defend candidates who are not from the workers tradition, who have no history of defending workers, whose ideological views are stewed in neoliberalism, and who are alien to the Labour movement and the workers tradition; nor can the movement defend any party that can and or fields such candidates. TPAP-M will keep a close tab of the developments in the responses of the Labour Centers on the 2023 General Elections.

Prof. Omotoye Olorode
Comrade Jaye Gaskia
The People’s Alternative Political Movement (TPAP-M)

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